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A Nation Divided by Turmoil: Biden's Victory is America's Failure

Another long-winded, incoherent speech fraught with inaccuracies and false accusations.  As the polls have closed and ballots are meticulously being counted across key states, many deign to criminalize Trump for his boisterous proclamations and unorthodox leadership. However, the truth of the matter may be far more sinister than you care to imagine...Biden asserts that he and his party maintain the moral high ground in this tumultuous race for presidency. But do they really? In fact, the vast majority of Southern Democrats vehemently opposed a ban on slavery while the Republican party sought to win their freedom. Indeed, it may appear that times have changed... unless you bother to read the many defamatory statements made throughout Biden's long and storied political career -- statements targeting both women and African Americans. Although to be safe, let's assume his bigotry extended far beyond that which we've covered. So as it now seems more certain than ever that we'

An End of an Era...

America was established with a core set of principles focused on the common good of all men and women. This isn't a whitewashed or idealistic perception of the past, but an objective summary of what our then budding democracy stood for.

When we abandon our freedom, we neglect to uphold all that our flag represents. This star spangled banner is also spangled with specks of filth and decay -- a sign of what's to come...

Unfortunately, men are inherently flawed. As time passed, slaves were shipped over in droves; marginalized Africans who suffered a great indignity at the hands of Caucasian overseers. They were put to work with no prospect of future freedom or reward; pawns meant to suffer a grave injustice no man should ever know. Indeed, if we view history without bias, this is an irrefutable truth --  and we must recognize and accept this aspect of our nation's history before considering a solution to our current predicament...

This should go without saying, of course, but the sins of our fathers are not ours to bear. Furthermore, the injustices which plagued past generations no longer exist. Systemic racism does not exist in the year 2020; at least not in America. Now, if we should choose to live in the past and suffer needlessly, then I don't see how we can plot a path forward. A prerequisite for rebuilding our fractured system is the ability to accept our history and avoid fabricating inequalities for the sake of perpetuating hatred and racial division.

I don't intend to suggest that any of this should be easy. We've lived as a divided nation since America's founding, but chose to bury this bitter truth rather than seek a solution. Ironically, people choose to celebrate our diversity as though it lends us strength; as if it were some insoluble glue which binds us together as one nation of immigrants. But it is not diversity which lends us strength. Without solidarity, power is ever elusive. You may have felt drawn to your spouse due to her unique qualities, but is it not the shared interests and common goals which unite and strengthen your romance? 

We are at war. The enemy is no foreign invader, but a virulent disease which has been allowed to spread for no reason other than neglect. If we should fail to halt all instances of domestic terrorism, then we'll be relegated to a position of impotence -- crippled by regret as we watch the American republic in its death throes. 

A fire burns openly in a scene devastated by violence. 

So please do yourself a favor: speak out against injustice. Never allow left-wing extremists such as Antifa to silence you through overt acts of intimidation. And above all, use common sense when determining what constitutes racism or hate speech. Freedom of speech is an essential right in America, yet acts supporting compelled speech based on pseudoscientific drivel would deprive us of this. So, in closing, I can only advocate a united stand against tyranny. Equip yourselves with knowledge -- not weapons. The future of our nation is at stake, and with it, the future of democracy. 


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