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A Nation Divided by Turmoil: Biden's Victory is America's Failure

Another long-winded, incoherent speech fraught with inaccuracies and false accusations.  As the polls have closed and ballots are meticulously being counted across key states, many deign to criminalize Trump for his boisterous proclamations and unorthodox leadership. However, the truth of the matter may be far more sinister than you care to imagine...Biden asserts that he and his party maintain the moral high ground in this tumultuous race for presidency. But do they really? In fact, the vast majority of Southern Democrats vehemently opposed a ban on slavery while the Republican party sought to win their freedom. Indeed, it may appear that times have changed... unless you bother to read the many defamatory statements made throughout Biden's long and storied political career -- statements targeting both women and African Americans. Although to be safe, let's assume his bigotry extended far beyond that which we've covered. So as it now seems more certain than ever that we'

5-Year-Old Victim Identified in Hit And Run, Perpetrator Arrested Moments Later

On April 1st, a five-year-old's life was irrevocably destroyed by the actions of one individual. The 28-year-old suspect, Dustin Cody Martin, is currently behind bars, charged with reckless murder and first-degree assault. The girl's father, who was operating the vehicle is currently in critical condition.

Hit and runs are far more common than you could imagine, and they point to a moral deficiency in the fabric of society.

Sadly, the perpetrator has had a long history of traffic violations and was cruising around with a suspended license on that fateful morning. With four outstanding misdemeanors in Jefferson County and beyond, you'd hope the justice system would have done more to prevent this heinous atrocity before it occurred...

Instead, as four members of the Young family commuted to a relative's house, they were unexpectedly struck by a white truck before the assailant sped off to avoid charges. Luckily, it was only a matter of moments before officers discovered the vehicle with all of its passengers.

Despite being quickly escorted to a nearby hospital, it was too late for the young Ms. Kamerynn who will forever remain a child due to reckless driving. She was pronounced dead at 10:51 a.m., while her father was sent to the ICU to receive care for his grievous wounds.

The mother and younger sister who went along for the journey were more fortunate than their family members, but still suffered outrageous misfortune at the loss of their loved one. As cliche as this may sound, it bears repeating that a parent should never be forced to bury their own child. And this particular accident should have been easily prevented.

His record of misdemeanors includes drug possession, traffic violations, and public intoxication. For a man known to have been an avid consumer of heroin, one might hope greater measures would have been taken to prevent further violations of the law.

As it stands, Martin's bond is set at $450,000. Let us hope that he remains behind bars -- not only for the sake of his community, but as a period of self-reflection and meditation. It's absurd that during a time when most are struggling through quarantine or fighting for their life in a hospital bed, there are still people dumb enough to be driving at breakneck speeds on a suspended license...

What do you think of this case? Has anyone you know suffered the same fate or been responsible for a similar crime? If so, how did you react? I can't even imagine being placed in this situation. I wholly wish for the father's speedy recovery and the family's love to guide them through these troubled times. 


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