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A Nation Divided by Turmoil: Biden's Victory is America's Failure

Another long-winded, incoherent speech fraught with inaccuracies and false accusations.  As the polls have closed and ballots are meticulously being counted across key states, many deign to criminalize Trump for his boisterous proclamations and unorthodox leadership. However, the truth of the matter may be far more sinister than you care to imagine...Biden asserts that he and his party maintain the moral high ground in this tumultuous race for presidency. But do they really? In fact, the vast majority of Southern Democrats vehemently opposed a ban on slavery while the Republican party sought to win their freedom. Indeed, it may appear that times have changed... unless you bother to read the many defamatory statements made throughout Biden's long and storied political career -- statements targeting both women and African Americans. Although to be safe, let's assume his bigotry extended far beyond that which we've covered. So as it now seems more certain than ever that we'

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